Milton Wolf

The 2023 Milton Wolf Prize in Student Advocacy

A student civics competition for US public school students, grades 6-12

Students find an issue they are passionate about, research and advocate for it, make a difference in their communities—and earn a cash prize along the way.

What students need to do:

  • Find a passion: Identify a community problem where you want to make a difference.
  • Research: Learn the facts.
  • Find the helpers: Learn about local organizations/individuals working on the problem.
  • Design: Create an engaging visual presentation about your topic to educate others.
  • Advocate: Present your project (to your class and to a group outside of your school).

What teachers and students need to know:

  • This project does NOT need to be a class assignment—students can submit independently, with a youth group or club, and individual or group projects will be accepted.
  • Visit to see the step-by-step guide for students.
  • Cash prizes include:
    • $400 each for five winning projects
    • $250 each for five runner-up projects
    • $500 to three schools submitting superb projects to donate to their community.
  • Two teacher awards: a scholarship for the 2023 Centropa Summer Academy in Vienna,Prague, Terezin, 4-12 July.
  • Submission due date: Friday, April 29, 2022, 11:59 pm (students’ time zone)