Borekitas de lokum (Pastry with Turkish delight)

photo taken by Justine Sanderson, on April 4, 2009, CC licensing


- 1/2 kg. of lokum (Turkish delight)
- 250 gr. of cream
- 150 gr. of margarine
- Flour (as much as can be absorbed)

Melt the margarine, when it cools add the cream using a wooden spoon. Add flour until you have a soft paste. Spread the paste on a smooth area and cut it into circular shapes. Next, put a piece of "lokum" in each circle and fold the paste, giving it the shape of a semicircle with the help of a glass. Once you have repeated  this procedure, put all the unbaked pastries on an oven tray and bake them. Wait until they become white, before taking them out of the oven. Once they have cooled down sprinkle some powdered sugar on them and they will be ready to serve!

Sephardic or Askhenazi