Borekas de kezo (Cheese Borekas)

photo taken by Helga Tawil Souri, on July 4, 2012, CC licensing

- 2 beaten eggs
- 200 gr. of white cheese
- 1 glass of grated gruyere
- 1 egg yolk mixed with some grated gruyere 
- Check out the Eggplant Borekas 
- recipe for the paste! 

Mix the beaten eggs, white cheese and grated gruyere well. Prepare the paste as described in the  Eggplant Boreka Recipe.Fill the paste with the cheese-mix and  use a glass to give them a semi circular shape. Put the borekas on an oiled oven tray. Use a small brush to spread some egg yolk over the borekas, and sprinkle some grated sheep cheese on them before shoving the tray into the oven.

Sephardic or Askhenazi