The broad theme of these lessons is human connection, and a more specific theme is promises: how people keep promises, or don’t, and what happens in either situation. Students are asked to look at:

·       individual promises they make and want to keep for themselves

·       the commitment we make to keeping the traditions of our communiites;

·       the promises made in international treaties and what happens when those treaties are broken. 

Students explore these themes of promises within the classroom, and then also with students in other countries the teacher connects with through Mystery Skype Facebook.

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Matilda Kalef -- Three Promises

The Kalefs were one of the Belgrade's oldest families, tracing their roots back more than 300 years. Then the Nazis swept into Serbia in 1941...
While scores of relatives were being shot and gassed, Dona Bat Kalef fled with her two daughters, Breda and Matilda, to a Catholic church in Banovo Brdo. "Can you protect us?" she asked the priest. Father Andrej Tumpej did indeed save Dona and her daughters, and this film tells their story.

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