Open day in museum in Centropa style Stiv Naumov Bitola Macedonia

Grade of Class: 
6 and 7 grade

Ideas, concepts and realization .....

Project of the elementary school: Stiv Naumov Bitola "Where are my neighbors?"

in collaboration with the Institute

Museums of the City Bitola

Museum Day-Open Day

Dragan Gorgievski

Bitola, 18 May 2013


Concept and goals of the organizer (Institute Museum and Gallery of Bitola):

• To offer a different angle of looking at history.

• Associating with history to learn from history

The concept and goal of the project participants of the Stiv Naumov school and its group: "Where are my neighbors?"

 Activity No. 1 - What do we want to achieve:

• In an environment that is close to the topic of our study - Bitola Jews as our neighbors,  we want to create a workshop that will help to the participants to travel in time.

• We want to learn from history as participants in history


  1. We want to talk and learn about family ties and its strength.
  2. We want to show the strength of family ties
  3. We want to underline the importance of keeping family photos
  4. We want to highlight the need for a museum(s) as guardians  of memories
  5. Important goal is to make comparison of our family photos with family photos of Bitola Jews and talk about emotions

Participants 33 students from 6 grade  11-12 years . and 7 and 8 grade 13-15.

Activity number 2:  What we want to achieve?

• Be familiar with Jewish culture through an interesting activity:

• Every participant should write his personal name and surname with old Hebrew letters on the Jewish way of writing from right to left.

• To explore certain topics - from the exhibits in the museum

 Long sheet of paper, is spread through the museum. attendants write their names from the sheet of paper containing the example from wich participant can see the way of letter writing on old Hebrew, with latin example and transcription.


Activity 1

Participants ( students ) was given a task to bring three family photos from home :

First one old photo, from their grandfathers, grandmothers or relatives, and they have to share a story about people on the photos.

Second photo is a newer photo  preferably from their parents when they were smaller or the photo they like, on they which they are able to tell a story

Third photos are latest photos, with their families.

Apart from the exhibits in the museum belonging to Bitola Jews ( photographs and objects ), we tied laces yellow and red . (Which we symbolize the family tree and the running of the time )

Besides the museum exhibits on the string that we tied we put pictures that we found in historical archives , belonged to the Bitola Jews

Participants had to show the oldest photograph and tell the story from the photo. Participants answered and share memories and talked about feelings that  photographs caused while they ask about them.  

In this way, despite the permanent exhibition of the museum we create new.

On one side are the family photos of participants, and on other side of the wall , are   other family photos of Bitola Jews found in our researches .

We ware very fortunate because we ware honored by visit of the Bitola mayor .... and of course , he wrote his name with old Hebrew letters

In fun part we performed : Song : ' Hava Nagila " with singing and choreography

And Finally ..... a Sephardic song which became popular in the film : The Third Half : , Adio kerida "performed by two girls Sofia and Mario Alvona accompanied on violin on great pleasure of the audience.

The event was covered by local television stations , and on our side of facebook

Author Dragan Gorgievski

exebition in Centropa style in Bitola museum-Macedonia
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