In the footsteps of memories

Grade of Class: 
6 and 8

Participating school:

  1. Szekszárdi I. Béla Secondary School
  2. Bezerédi István Primary School Szedres: Grades 6 and 8

Number of students: 27+20 fő

Number of teachers: 2

Number of meetings: 2

The aim of the project is to get students acquainted with the unforgettable merits of Judaism in the field of industry. During the program, the students visited Bonyhád, where they could attend an interactive lecture by the director of the museum. In addition, they could see the synagogue, the Jewish cemetery, and gain insight into the activity of Jewish small, middle and large industrialists in Bonyhád in the enamel factory, shoe factory and the printing press. In the second half of the project, students followed the Jewish families in a city walk through Veszprem, led by a daughter of a Holocaust survivor.


Supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute Foundations, the US Embassy in Budapest, the Europe for Citizens, European Remebrance program, the Mazsihisz, the National Coopreation fund, the Mozaik Hub, and the Gallic Fund

Civil society
Cooperation project
Bezerédi István Primary School Szedres
Szekszárdi I. Béla Secondary School

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Bezerédi István Primary School Szedres
Szekszárdi I. Béla Secondary School

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