Making our own Exhibition and Films


Having watched the Centropa films in class, and having seen the Linz09 Centropa exhibition, we decided to create our own project about our own families' histories. Inspired by what we had seen, we prepared our own exhibition and some of us made their own films, using their own families' photos.

On this page you can check out both: you can watch the photo-slideshow about our exhibition, and you can watch the films Andrea and Sophie made about their families.

Andrea's film "Saeculum - The Story of my Family" starts in 1905 with the birth of her great-grandfather Franz Schoerghuber and follows this branch of the family up to the present.

In Sophie's film "A Small Story of Success", her grandfather tells his own story. 


Andrea's Film


Sophie's Film


Family History
Project based on a Centropa film
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