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My first bloging

Hello everybody

I am writting my first blog from Vienna while waiting to my connection flight to Sarajevo.

It was an amasing in Berlin and I learned a lot. I was amazed by the teachers inovation, energy and dedication. This is my first blog in life, I design web pages and have a major hoby on computers software but never write a blog. Since now I thought that bloging is for students and rockstars but not teachers. Well people change :) We changed quite a bit...

I just want to say to all that is beeen a pleasure and a privilege working with you all and Centropa staff for 7 days. If anyone wants to get in touch and learn more about Bosnia and Herzegovina - where 3 (+1, those are "The Others" who are curently fighting for they political rights) nations and 4 religions live since centuries in the most complicated state in worlds history and yet at the same time being the most simpliest people,  feel free to contact me on this blog or on my mail


Have a nice bloging, summer, begining of the new school year...


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