The wedding of our daughter Sara

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Erna and I (Nesim Alkabes) had three daughters from our union. Our oldest daughter Sara was born in 1948, Rosita in 1950, Stella in 1954. All three of our daughters attended elementary school in Isik Lisesi. Sara and Stella finished Saint Benoit French highschool later on. Rosita, on the other hand, graduated from Robert College. After completing their education, our oldest daughter Sara, married Erol Penso following 8 years of dating, on March 29th, 1970, in Neve Shalom. This photograph is of that day, in the picture, second from right is our 22 year old daughter Sara, to her left our son-in-law Erol, to his left his paternal grandmother and to the right of my daughter, the father of Erol, Mr. Jak is seated. This gentleman is from Çanakkkale, after completing his education they came to Istanbul to settle. Our daughter Sara and her spouse always lived on the European side, in a modern house. They raised two sons named Ceki (1972) and Niso(1974). Our daughter Sara always wished to study in college, while she was raising her family, (1997) she entered the university placement exam which is very hard and got accepted to the French Language and Literature faculty in ?stanbul Üniversitesi, graduated in 4 years. She has the right to translate and translates books and scientific articles. Their son Ceki has been married to a nice girl for two years, Niso on the other hand is engaged, G-d willing we will marry him in December. Currently we reside in the same apartment.

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Meri Schild
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Istanbul, Turkey


Sara Penso
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Businessmann, Retail merchant

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