Stepan Neuman with his wife Adel Neuman and daughter Judita Soskida

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This photo was taken on my 80th birthday. From left to right: my older daughter Judita Soskida, nee Neuman, I and my wife Adel Neuman, nee Takacs. This photo was taken at our home in Uzhgorod in 2003.

My daughter Judit is chief economist of the power network department of the town, She is married and her husband is Ukrainian. Judit’s husband, Miroslav Soskida, deals with the issues of recovery of the ozone medium. His scientific works were in a contest in Washington and now he has a job offer to work in Washington.

Judit has two children. Her son Stepan, born in 1976, moved to Israel after finishing school in Uzhgorod. Now his name is Itzhok. It’s the 7th year of my grandson’s service in the Israeli army. He defends the country that has become his homeland. I am proud of him and I am proud that a member of our family defends the holy land for all of us. Judit’s daughter Anita was born in 1985. She is a 1st-year student of Uzhgorod University.

I believe that the most important for keeping in good health is a kind surrounding, a nice loving wife. One has to learn to enjoy it, avoid conflicts and make compromises. We often do not forgive our close ones for what we wouldn’t notice in people with whom we are not in such close relationships. A person needs many things: a wife, children, family and friends, a good place to live, a good book… One needs to enjoy the nature, read the books that one is interested in, listen to good music. This all makes the joys of our life.

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Interviewee: Stepan Neuman
Ella Levitskaya
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Uzhgorod, Ukraine

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