Saul Rotariu as a solider

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    Romania (1945-1989)
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    Foto Speranta

This is me, Saul Rotariu, while doing my military service. This photograph was taken in Craiova in 1959.

I did my military service in many places, among them Craiova, where I also had my photograph taken. My military service lasted two years, from 1957 to 1959. At first I was a private, but in the meantime I attended a school for sergeants and thus I became a corporal - corporals belong to the sergeants' corps.

After completing my military service I attended university. I went to college in Iasi, under the optional attendance system, for four years. I worked for and studied at the Faculty of Accounting simultaneously. I worked in Saveni and then moved to Botosani in 1961. I've been working here ever since.

I am an economist by trade; I worked as an economist in various industrial units. I worked for a commercial unit for selling food products, after which I was head accountant for an industrial unit for collecting raw material for the light industry. I worked there until 1998, and from 1998 I worked for the Public Finances Division, I was a specialty inspector until 1999. I retired in 1999 and I am now a young pensioner aged 69.

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Interviewee: Saul Rotariu
Emoke Major
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Botosani, Romania


Saul Rotariu
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Romania (1920-1945)
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