Mojsze Sosnowiec

Mojsze Sosnowiec
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This is my uncle Mojsze Sosnowiec, my mother's brother. The picture was taken shortly after the end of World War II, in Legnica. Ma had three sisters and four brothers. She was the oldest. Uncle Mojsze is my mother's youngest brother. Before the war he lived in Radzyn not far from my great-grandparents?. It was this big square, not cobbled, on the edge of town. In the center of town there was a church and a rank for cars and out there on the edge a lot of Jews lived. And there was a prayer house there, on the same square. During the war he'd been in Russia like me and then he lived with his wife and children in Legnica. And he took me to Legnica. There, in Legnica, Chaja and I got married, got all the papers. And I worked for that uncle of mine; he was a cobbler too. My uncle gave us somewhere to sleep, a tiny place, just me and the wife there, and the oldest boy, he was just a baby then, in a pram, a few months old. My uncle Mojsze is still alive, in America. He went to Israel after the war, changed his mind there and went to America. He had his own apartment, and left it. I didn't ask why.

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Interviewee: Mojsze Sznejser
Jakub Rajchman
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Legnica, Poland


Mojsze Sosnowiec
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Radzyn Podlaski
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Employed by craftsman
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