Mieczyslaw Najman with his son-in-law

Mieczyslaw Najman with his son-in-law
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This is me with my son-in-law, my daughter Sabina's husband. This photograph was taken after their wedding in Swinoujscie in the 1980s. Me and my wife we never had a church wedding, I didn't want to and she didn't either. And we lived like that for over fifty years, brought up the children, without any divorces or anything. I made sure my children got the proper education, sent one to be an officer, my daughter went into university, got married, I helped her build a house. I never told them anything about religion. I lived normally, didn't christen them, didn't do anything of the sort. That's how they lived and they married Polish guys. My daughter Sabina is in Israel. She'll be fifty now. Lives there with her husband, her son and daughter. He went there two years before her, found a job, everything, and then called her to come with the girls, for a month. She came for a month, he took their passports, and they stayed. He was granted the citizenship, and they were. He's a regular Pole. They can't tell there in Israel. He'll say his father's a Jew, his father-in-law is a Jew. Went to pray with me too. I went to the prayer house and they confirmed he had been going with me every Saturday for the ceremony, for two years? Knew his way around, a smart boy. Went to the rabbi, told him about all those things, and the rabbi says, 'Okay, we'll help you.' Took two years and they granted him the citizenship. His wife and children too. Went to do his army service and alright. Has a job, an apartment?

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Interviewee: Mieczyslaw Najman
Tomasz Kluz
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Swinoujscie, Poland


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Executive in socialist firms
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