Luna Romano’s aunt Dina Mizrahi

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This is the front door and the entrance to the house where Luna’s aunt Dina was born in Edirne. Her mother had died then. She was a little sad. This house was torn down. My wife's father did his military service in Sarikamish. My wife's father Salamon Razon, brought his merchandise to the house they lived in. Later her aunt tried to convert that to money at home. Dina Razon (Mizrahi) is still Erol Mizrahi's mother. He closed up his house during the Wealth Tax and moved to Ortakoy in Istanbul with my wife's mother, older brother and older sister. When business took up, they returned. My wife's mother used to tell us, they had difficult days. They would get a quarter of a loaf of bread with a ration card, at one time when they were in Kuzguncuk, my wife's older brother and sister would go to buy bread, on the way home would eat the bread before they reached the house. Everything was prepared at home. Bread and something similar to bread "Panne de pinion" (corn bread) it was called. There was severe shortage. My wife was not born yet, these are what her family relates. My wife was born after the war. My wife's aunt Dina Razon, was an outgoing person. I do not know her education, she speaks Spanish all the time. She loved people, helping everyone, chatting, and also matchmaking and she was good at it. She also knew how to sew very well. She sewed a lot in Edirne, her sewing was "Haute Couture".

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Alberto Modiano
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Istanbul, Turkey


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