Jozsef Frischmann

Jozsef Frischmann
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My father was called Jozsef Frischmann. He was born in Deutschkreutz in 1887. He graduated high school, then he was called up to serve in the army. He came home with decorations. My father was a real local patriot in Sopron where we lived; he was a wheat wholesaler and he had a filling station as well. We used to live a very normal middle-class life. This means that we used to have a family house (but we didn't live there but in another rented house) and in that family house lived my father's brothers and sisters and his mother until she died. And there were different storerooms, a barn and a huge garden. Sometimes there were employees too who lived there but I think that most of the work was done by the family members. My father's family was Orthodox. I mean really Orthodox, with kosher kitchen and everything. My father used to pray in tallith and and teffilin every day. On Friday evenings my father usually went to the synagogue with my brother. There was gefilte fish, usually immediately after they came home. Women didn't go to the synagogue. We didn't work on Sabbath. Sometimes even at home. There were two synagogues in Sopron: an Orthodox and a Neolog [Conservative] one. We used to go to the Orthodox one.

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Interviewee: Heni Szepesi
Budapest, Hungary


Jozsef Frischmann
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