Haggibur sport club

Haggibur sport club
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This is a photo about a procession of the Haggibur sport club in Kolozsvar. The event took place in the old stadium, which was demolished and later rebuild in concrete. The photo might have been taken between spring and autumn. This was a great event in the city, the grandstands were full with people. Maybe it was the celebration of II Karl King's birthday on the 10th of May. The Sports Union [Club] Haggibur was established in 1922. First there was only a football team, but later there was a section for nearly every branch of sports. There were sections for athletics, gymnastic, boxing, fencing, football, swimming, hiking, tennis and table tennis. Those were very serious groups. For instance, the football team once won the second place in the national competition. The members were all Jews, but I do not think that there was a rule about this, it just was natural. The Hungarians also had their KAC, the Kolozsvari Atletikai Egyesulet [the Athletic Union of Kolozsvar], but there were Jews there. There were Jewish families who became entirely magyarized. They did not deny their Jewish origins, but they were entirely magyarized. For instance, the pharmacist, Biro, was the owner of the biggest pharmacy in the town. He had three sons and all the three Biro brothers were fencing there in the KAC. I was fencing in the Haggibur, but we were on friendly terms. At the beginning, well before the war there was only one coach here in the town, a German who became magyarized. He even magyarized his name to Ozorai. We had our training with the Biro brothers and with the KAC and during the last years we had our own coach in the Haggibur, an Italian coach. The Jews had very little contact with the Romanians.There were few who were active only in one section. I myself, for instance, was one of the leaders of the youth section of the hiking group, I organised the Sunday outings. At the same time I was also competing as a fencer. [Gyorgy is on the photo only by chance. One member of the tennis branch was missing so he was asked to take his place for the procession.]

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Interviewee: Gyorgy Neufeld
Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Gyorgy Neufeld
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Physician of Radiology
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lecturer at the Medical University

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