Elizaveta's sister Maria Dubinskaya with her husband Yakov Sogolovsky on their wedding-day

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My sister Maria and her husband Yakov Sogolovsky. The photo was made in Kiev in 1941 right before the war (in May) on their wedding day. The photo was sent to their sister Yelizaveta to the front on September 30, 1941.

I was the fifth and the youngest child in our family. My eldest brother was Yakov, he was born in 1911; then brother Leonid was born in 1914, then sisters: elder - Rozalia, born in 1908, and Maria, born in 1919. Elder sister Rozalia went to a Jewish school, while Maria went to a Ukrainian school (she started in the Jewish school, and after two or three years there our parents decided that she should better study in a Ukrainian school; many did so back then.)

Our brothers were much older than me, so in my childhood I played and made friends mostly with Maria because we were the closest in age.

Sister Maria got married just prior to the war. She married Yakov Sokolovsky. They got married in May 1941. Yakov had some education, he worked as an engineer at the cable plant. Yakov was called up to the army, and Maria (who was pregnant) went to evacuation, first to Kuibyshev, and then to Middle Asia, to our parents.

Yakov was wounded during the war and was demobilized before its end. He and Maria returned to Kiev after us, in 1945. They had a daughter, who, I believe, was named Sonya. Yakov worked at the cable plant, and when emigration began they too left for Israel. I know that they have already died, but I don't know about their daughter, we have no communication with her.

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Interviewee: Elizaveta Dubinskya
Zhanna Litinskya
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Kiev, Ukraine

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