Deniz Nahmias's wedding

Deniz Nahmias's wedding
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This is my wedding picture, taken in Thessaloniki in 1949. Albertos and I got married on a Sunday, on 6th March 1949, in the big Synagogue on Suggrou Street and the same day my daughter's future mother-in-law got married. A lot of marriages were happening then. I mean after the liberation, a lot of group marriages took place. Another couple was to get married immediately after us. The son they gave birth to was to be called Hassid; he later became the future husband of my daughter. I remember the couple had complained because he had booked the synagogue first and they said, 'You got all the flowers.' Well the future mother-in-law of my daughter was a difficult woman. At that time one marriage followed the other. All the family got together after the ceremony. The very same day it snowed in Athens so we didn't manage to get there as we had planned. I had my wedding dress made at a dressmaker's in Athens. She made me very nice dresses; she was haute couture. Her name was Elli Perigiali and she was married to Notis Perigialis, an actor always playing the nice, naïve person. He played in the film 'Lola,' I think he acted in all the films of the time. So Elli made all my dresses and I must tell you she was really good at it. I took her with me when I went to Athens and she stayed with us for fifteen days. I wanted her to make a suit for me but she didn't have the time. For the wedding she made also nightdresses and robes for me.

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Interviewee: Deniz Nahmias
Thessaloniki, Greece


Deniz Nahmias
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