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Survival in Sarajevo Seminar in Bucharest

In cooperation with the European Commission - Europe for Citizens programme, Centropa launched a new project to introduce our “Survival in Sarajevo” story to teachers in Poland, Romania and Hungary. We translated our film into Polish, Romanian and Hungarian, and created a traveling exhibition in each country that shows how a small community of Jews, Muslims, Serbs and Croats put aside their differences and helped each other during the siege of Sarajevo.

Between 24-26 November, Centropa organized a seminar in Bucharest, where 40 teachers from various cities of Romania came together. Participants had the opportunity to get to know Centropa, see the Survival in Sarajevo film and exhibition, and share their ideas about how to use this story in class.  We hope that the participants enjoyed this seminar as much as we did, and the story of Sarajevo inspires teachers and their students throughout Romania to be active citizens.

Would you like to know more about this project? Click here.

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