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Onsite Learning: A special approach to Generation Z

History, other projects

This PowerPoint offers an overview of how to create an onsite learning experience for students, what to consider as you plan, and some of the challenges you may face.

10, 11, 12, 9

Three Promises: Personal Stories as Historical Material


This lesson plan uses group work, creative writing, and multimedia to teach subjects including History, Literature, Civics, Social and Political Education, Philosophy, Language etc. It is also useful in discussions...


Life During World War II


This is a history project but because we want our students ultimately to teach each other, we started with an introductory video conference during which students asked each other questions...


World History Class Centropa Exam

other projects

This is a Centropa final exam for  10th grade students. The students will use interviews and albums. There have already been several steps along the path--this is the destination.



Teofila Silberring Walking Tour

other projects

Except for those years during the Holocaust, Teofila never lived anywhere else but Cracow, and in her interview, she takes us on a tour of the city-to all the places...

Centrope spacer po Krakowie śladami Teofili Silberring

other projects

Nie licząc lat wojennych, Teofila nigdy nie mieszkała poza Krakowem. Podczas wywiadu zabrała nas na spacer po swoim mieście, przenieśliśmy się z nią do tych wszystkich miejsc, w których była...