Family Films

Grade of Class: 
8th Grade

Hanka and Leon Kent Memorial Family Film Project

Rescue and Resistance - B'charta B'Chaim - Choosing Life in the Shoah

8th Grade JSS - Going Further Project

The goal is to connect our theme of Resistance and Rescue from our Shoah unit to our Family Films – this is resistance and rescue in the broader sense – not just connected to the Shoah. Think about our first definitions of these words and all the ways that people resist negative forces or rescue people from difficult situations in life. I am happy to discuss possible story choices with you. If you do not have a family member whose story fits into this category, but it is compelling and interesting, you may choose that story. 


These films are made at the end of a unit about Resistance - unarmed, spiritual and armed - and Rescue - righteous Gentiles and others - during the Shoah.  Each student uses iMovie to make a short film about a family member who has experienced resistance or rescue - in any setting - or has an otherwise compelling story. We watch several Centropa films in this unit - both as examples of films and to teach about Partisans and rescuers. "The Years Make Their Own" and "Three Promises" are two of the films that we watch.

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