Stefenya & Rebeka Akkoen

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    Ottoman Empire
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This photo must have been taken around 1900s. This is a photo of my father-in-law Stefenya Akkoen and his wife Rebeka. The photo was given to me by may late wife Suzan, may her soul rest in peace. This must have been a photo of a very important occasion in the lives of my in-laws, maybe their wedding. It also looks like the photo had been taken at a studio but there is no indication of any studio name in the front or at the back of the photo.

My wife’s father Stefanya Akkoen, married Mme. Rebeka in 1905. ( I don't know my mother-in-law's maiden name). They had settled down in Kuzguncuk, and had always raised their families there. [Jewish district on the Asian side]

Her father was a hard-working and a very clever man. He was engaged in the customs business. During those times most of the customs officers were non-Muslims [they typically knew trade and languages better]. Later on my father-in-law rented a hall on the Kuzguncuk pier, and ran a club operating as a casino during weekdays, and a cinema on weekends. My father-in-law was also a skilled enough bridge player to become the Bridge Champion of the times. Unfortunately, he was poisoned by something he ate, became sick, and lost his ability to speak. Naturally, we closed down these businesses slowly when he got sick.

Her mother, Rebeka was a very good housewife. They had four children, including my wife Suzan. They educated them very well.

We lived together with my mother-in-law for long years. When my wife's siblings emigrated to Israel, she also went to stay with them, during certain periods of the year. And she died when she was with them in Israel, and was buried there.

After we got married, Suzan always gave her family what she earned. Her family came to live with us when her father got sick. Later on, when the financial situation of Moiz, Suzan's elder brother, improved, he took care of his parents. When my father-in-law died, my mother-in-law started living with us. Later on in 1957, she went to Israel with her younger son, Moiz, and died there in 1967.

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Interviewee: Moiz Isman
Meri Schild
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Istanbul, Turkey


Stefanya Akkoen
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Ottoman Empire
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Civil servant
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