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This is another photograph of Bochnia, unfortunately I don't know when this picture was taken, nor who's in it. When I was in school they were still teaching about the Bochnia and Wieliczka salt mines. I myself of course don't remember anything from my childhood in Bochnia.

This is how it is, more or less: in 1942, when I was born, my parents Lola Preiss and Aaron Preiss - both Polish Jews - were already imprisoned in the concentration camp in Bochnia. It wasn't an extermination camp, but likely a certain type of ghetto where local Jews were concentrated before being sent to the places of "final solution", like Auschwitz and other camps to the east. So that's where I was born. We were all together until 1944, when a certain group of people managed to escape from that camp, among which was also my uncle [Schlomo Königsberg], at that time a young lad of seventeen. And they took me, a two-year-old child, with them. My parents stayed there. On the way through the Slovak State, my uncle left me in the care of one Jewish family in Liptovsky Mikulas, that was in 1944. There I was discovered by the daughter of my later adoptive parents. My adoptive father was 50 years older than I. That's why I don't know much about my grandparents, neither my own nor my adoptive ones.


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Interviewee: Petr Weber
Zuzana Strouhova
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Brno, Czech Republic


Petr Weber
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after WW II
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