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Romania - 2012. How Anti-Semitic Are We Still' (2)

And as if all of these weren’t enough, the Dan Şova case popped out (Romanian politician, History faculty graduate who, during a TV programme in March 2012 denied the Holocaust (deflective denial); he later apologized; he was later appointed minister). On the website of Evenimentul Zilei newspaper an article was posted on March 9th  2012 Victor Ponta: Dan Şova, ignorant, not anti-Semitic (Victor Ponta is the leader of the political party Dan Şova is a member of). The title of the article reveals its content (by the way, I do not defend Dan Şova but for the sake of clarity I have to say that as a 1999 graduate of The West University of Timişoara I have never studied during my university years anything, not a word, about the Holocaust). And now the opinions of the readers of evz.ro: Tavi has no reserves in completely denying the Holocaust: I don’t believe there was a Holocaust, but there was the Romanians’ Holocaust during the communist era, it is interesting how all the leaders were Jews back then, ana pauker, brucan ,valter roman – great man great character..NOT.” Tijuana News brings information about – let’s call it – the ”Khazar conspiracy” and ... generally about: “The false Jews’ Holocaut was real. This is the Khazars’ custom. They sacrificed the poorest of the Jews in order for them to obtain the former country of the Jews for the rest of the poor Khazars. . \"Romanians’ Holocaust\"is part of the post-war strategy.(they also planned World War III) Poland, Hungary and Romania can be bought for a nickel after being brain-washed by the Russian bolshevics and local retards...Have you any ideea how many victims Hirshel Mordechai’s – later known as Karl Marx - \" invention\"has made?”. Bocitorul pursues the same ideea: “Oi will what the poor Jews went through... the reality is that 96% of the Jews alive today are descendants of the Khazars west of the Caspian Sea who were\"converted\"to the Jewish faith and passed as\"the chosen people \"by their king Bulan around 800 A.D..Around 1300 the Mongols and the Khazars came and sought refuge in Europe. Since then they have done nothing else but get even with everybody they planned to and arre about to lead the way they want to. They have the Jews’ former country, they own the media (probably evz too), they have financial control and create world crisis and wars at will. The poorest and less initiated are used as victims for the benefit of their comunity. We\"goims\" have the duty to make penitence and for ever mourn the false Jews sacrificed in Khazar schemes.”.

            As we are talking about Victor Ponta, Evenimentul Zile and conspiracies let’s have a look at another article published in the same newspaper - Sources: Victor Ponta met Mark Gitenstein  in the government building (August 7th 2012) (for those of you who did not know, the American ambassador in Romania, Mark Gitenstein, is a Jew). One single comment. Proof that anti-Semitism does not take breaks. Orwell: ”The Americstan should show some common sense and not send us Jews or religious fanatics as Ambassadors. It is a hypocrite challenge which causes and fuels anti-Sionistic feelings...”.

            Back to the Şova case. On the website ziare.com was posted (March 7th 2012) the article Şova apologizes for denying the Holocaust. An opportunity for the readers to comment, to be what they are: anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers... Dan-Ionescu: “Şova is a fool he did not deny the Holocaust by declaring it but such a famous jurist cannot distinguish anyway in our country the Holocaut against the Romanian people was led by Jewish Soviets this means we hate the Jews, shouldn’t we clarify what and how it happened but it is the easiest thing to blame an entire state for all sort of things now we have laws and one can be condemned but if I want to do some research it means I may not do it? It is clear that Jews suffered because of Romanian authorities too ally of Germany but the same state helped Jews a lot to escape and have a home of their own and they should rethink the way they behave because it is true that it is not a fool the one who asks but the one who gives but the fool might get upset and the wise one might be at a loss and in time this cannot be avoided and this nation’s leaders should give it a serious thought otherwise history was full of unhappy events Ronans are not impressed by the whole intolerance issue, we are used to tolerate just don’t exagerate and try to fool me” (comparative trivialization, selective denial) (56 votes from people who think it is an acceptable comment). dac67 quotes a textbook: “Those who support the holo-manipulation.... should read The Red Week by Paul Goma, maybe you’ll be brought back to reality, that if you’re not the Jews’ domestics!! ” and gets 31 votes from people who think it is a good comment.

Darzala is not afraid either of a little comparative trivialization of the Holocaust: “[...] I stay and wonder when we’ll be able to talk about the genocide endured by our people out of the hand of the Jewish bolshevic clique. Pauker, Luca, Kishinevki was they Patagonians?”. He receives 70 votes from people who think this is a good comment. patrula receives 51 votes from people who think she delivered a good comment by asking:”anyway, when was it established that in the common grave from Popricani there were 36 Jews? I followed the subject after the announcement about the attempt made to identify the number and ethnicity and I found nothing from the media... It could well have been unidentified Roman or Russian soldiers because when the front line broke in 1944 serious fighting happened there...”. Executorul does not deny the Holocaust. Just admires a war criminal: “Yes, the Holocaust took place, it is part of the great tragedies of history but let’s not forget Ion Antonescu, one of the GREATEST Romanian leaders, a ROLE MODEL from the moment he was born to the moment he ordered the execution  platoon not to miss its target.”. 52 people believe it to be an acceptable comment. And Preacuriosul agrees: “I totally agree with the description of the Marshall. The rest is bolshevic Can-Can.Red.”.  And, finally, the concluding explanation (opinion): “[...]I know history is not unilateral! There were and will be war victims! But to create an international blackmailing system involving people and nations in order to influence these nations’ politics to favor you just one nation in the world is capable of that! It is a true no to “conspiracy theory”!”.

On August 7th 2012 on the website of the newspaper Adevărul was posted the article: The appointment of Dan Şova as minister upsets the Jewish comunity (author: Alina Boghicean)  in which is presented the discontent of the Jewish comunity in Romania when hearing of  Dan Şova’s appointment as minister. The article receives 49 comments from readers, many unbelievably anti-Semitic. Let’s start with the reader whose username is neoSS: “out with the Jews!!!” nasa joins him: “hungarians+jews to auschwitz!!!!!!”.

             After such opinions Ingerul Negru, answering Ion Roata, seems decent and more informed (it does not do him any good): “How much history do you know,"honest" Ion Roata?13,000 dead Jews in the Iaşi pogrom?Do you vouch for it? Who are those  "historians" who approve of this figure?If we say  Jean Ancell and others like him it is clear to me where you get these invented figures from. Have the Jews only benefited Romania? When, when they shot Romanian soldiers and former province governors? Or when they told the Russians where to drop bombs? Or when they got involved in espionage or instigations especially in war zones, especially in the Iaşi area and in Moldavia beyond the Prut?Do you really believe us to be stupid?If you cannot read, to look for something in an archive and pass an opinion after getting data from several sources then be quiet and don’t embarrass yourself.”; ion agrees: “bravo there were 24” (24 dead Jews in the Iaşi pogrom). A little bit later Ingerul Negru comes back and forgives nothing:Easy madam, lest you catch a cold!The Marshall is not a topic when you have no idea about history or higher military trining. It is easier in the kitchen it is worse when the comments come from people that have nothing in common with what is being discussed. There’s the problem but hey, every Romanian is good at football and politics, working proves harder!” (there’s no denying, Jews are to be blamed for what happened to them). ion ion thinks the same: “if you soy the truth you are an anti-Semite that’s how it is in the eu if it’s democracy everyone should say what he likes this is the truth the Jews exageratedly increased the number and forgot they paid hitlar a lot of money to send Jews in palestina”. The same from citizen cc: “Outrageous Jewish boldness - Şova is not an anti-Semite, he is a Romanian citizen enjoying full citizen rights. Jews suffered but they must be aware that they are not without spots they committed their crimes and them suffering was also due to the fact that they created the oculta known in the world ... I think that the Jewish comunity in Romania should keep quiet”. The conclusion is obvious. The Jews are to blame for what happened to them (deflective denial).

It is followed by the thoughts of those expressing their opinions about the contents of the article... alex: “The Jewish comunity should keep out of the internal politics of Romania.” ... poporul: “Imagine that! Jews must be content so that things could be well in this country? It seems that’s how low we’ve fall. May their wish be granted. So we should be slaves on our ancestral land.” mishu: “That’s unbelivable! Let them complain to the owner of Realitatea TV.After all, we live in Romania.Hungarians complain, Jews as well....but we don’t give a damn about Romanians.”... roman: “The Hungarian parties and Viktor Orban are not pleased that Romania still exists as a (nation) state, the Jewish comunity is not pleased that there is Eminescu si, more recently, Şova (even if he had no reaction when it came to bringing an important Horthy fan for an impressive and anti-national festivity held for the funeral). But who asks us, Romanians, if we are pleased with what happens to Romania and in Romania?...” ...tepes:And what kind of person is estimed Mr. Erwin.This man regrets what he said so what more do you want?to destroy his career?furthermore, should we ask for your advice on which minister is good and which is not? Romania is one of the few countries with which you have good relationships and which understands you why do you want to pollute the atmosphere"The fierceness with which you condemn a person who incidentally is a Romanian (don’t forget that) makes me believe you are not alone in this or do you wish to prove how powerful you are?”... Maria:You like it so much to search the garbage so what if Şova was wrong about the number of dead Jews, it is not as if Romanians killed them, it is a minor mistake. If Şova does his job well I don’t care what some gooks may have to say. You should see your own spots and don’t pass opinions.”... nu suntem slugi: “give us a break about these commands. Merkel, Barosso, the Hungarians,now the Jews.We appoint whomever we want. You should speak in your own country.”... eu, and I apologize for the language: “and fuck the foreign scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

The same news, another newspaper – Evenimentul Zilei (August 7th 2012) : The Jewish comunity in Romania criticizes the appointment of Dan Şova: Only in Romania one can deny the Holocaust and then be appointed minister (author Andeea Udrea).We begin with two special comments, which prove that the readers-commentators are specialists in Law and that, in case of a trial, they could defend you brilliantly Mircea S:“It is either an”opinion” crime and in case, as in a state committed to individual freedom he must be left alone by the thought police. Or it is a “penal” crime and then we should have a look at Urgency Ordinance 21/2002: "Art. 6. - Disputing or publicly denying the Holocaust or its effects is punished with time in jail from 6 months to 5 years and loss of some rights.” The problem is that her “emergency” 57 years after the end of the war Romanian Law???????????? Has not found a juridical definition for the “Holocaust”, it doesn’t even mention the Jews. Maybe it was about the Holocaust in Dresda or Hiroshima ? Other legislations just as liberticide, such as the French one, took care to insert judicial parameters, such as defined "proven" crimes at the Nüremberg court". For any lawyer with solid knowledge of constitutional law and in front of an honest judge it is piece of cake.”. Cata is also in favor of freedom of speech: “the Constitution of Romania; ARTICLE 29 (1)Freedon of thought and opinion, also religious freedom can by no means be restricted. No one can be forced to embrace an opinion or a religious faith contrary to his convictions. The respective law is unconstitutional!”. Ali, a little bit confused,comes up with a lawyer’s strategy: “Out of curiosity... after all, did or did not Tesu Solomovici admit that Jews died in RO? where is it recorded? Does anyone have link ?....... What Tesu says doesn’t mean it is true but if Şova quoted something accurately , he cannot be blamed for denying the Holocaustlui but this Tesu Solomovici is.... and this again doesn’t mean that Şova is not a schloomp.”

And since there are lawyers to defend us, let’s go on denying it. RO-MÂNIA: “I invite everyone to give the following a serious thought: 1) The Romanian HOLOCAUST which takes place in the 1990s, true holo-caust (total incineration) in which millions of potential unborn Romanian citizens were KILLED and INCINERATED without being thought a HORROR by the civilized world. 2)MARTYRDOM in COMUNIST PRISONS caused by Stalinist officials, some of Jewish ancestry and who the Jewish comunity as far as I know did not CAST DOWN. 3)At Nurnberg ONLY German war criminals were judged. Killing tens of thousands, among which women and children IS A CRIME. So Harry Truman, former USA president, IS A WAR CRIMINAL, taking into consideration the bombing of Hiroshima and  Nagasaki.WAKE UP, ROMANIAN! The head that bends won’t be cut by the sword but HUMILIATINGLY enslaved.”. doar adevarul goes back to the “hero” Antonescu issue: “ALL COUNTRIES HONOUR THEIR HEROES. WE THE COLONY ROMANIA ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING HOMAGE TO MARSHALL ANTONESCU  BECAUSE JEWS WILL HAVE A FIT...THAT’S WHY WE ARE A NATION OF SERVANTS LED BY A GENOCIDAL TARTAR”, opportunity for Republica Socialista Romania to cut in with the hero-criminal-hero perspective: “All my consideration for Marshall Antonescu and everything he did in this country in those difficult times. He had his merit but his biggest mistake was the Iasi pogrom. We should not deny this but admit it loud and clear that in this he was guilty.”

            In reference to the contents of the article…Intrebare: “Are Romanians allowed to appoint at least a minister? Or are we already a Jewish colony as the cursed Tartar wants?What point is there in voting??”... gigi de la scularie: “Hungarians, Jews, Germans, Americans, Europeans, bluntly or indirectly set the tone in this free and independent country!?does anyone know anything about the majority of the population?”... florin: “the Jews may do whatever they like in Israel, in Romania we appoint minister whomever we want.the Jews were traitors who injured the Romanian with help from the Russians and do not admit a thing”... PART: “ONE CANNOT FART WITHOUT ASKING THE JEWS’ OPINION.......IF THEY GAIN SOMETHING!”... JD: “Have you any ideea what Jews and Romanians have in common (that is what JEWS and GYPSIES have in common)??? BOTH NATIONS LIVE ON SOMEONE ELSE’S EXPENSE (like lice) And do you know what tells them apart? GYPSIES do it openly and JEWs do it smartly (usury, bank credits, FMI, pyramidal systems, Ponzi schemes, etc.)”. Jews,gypsies, profit, conspiracy...

            Adevărul senses the scoop and the same day publishes another article on the same issue: Dan Şova, in the Nazi hunter’s sight (August 7th 2012, author Sorin Ghinea) from which we find out that:Efraim Zuroff, “Simon Wisenthal“ Centre’s director, firmly attacked from New York Dan Şova’s appointment as minister.” The readers are entitled to an opinion and make use of their rights. von Schmuggle-Stein, an aristocrat from what we can tell believes that: ”It is better to be a Nazi than a hypocrite and Jewish autosegregationist- state within a state =something foreign to your body, these from inshw.”.  nah is furious over the failures of the Romanian sportsmen in the Olympics (and who is to blame? sorry again for the language...): ”Shut your mouth, Jew ‘cause you stole us a medal for beam ...and one for floor. Plm,will we pity you for 1000 years from now on because Hitler got his way?”. The sports issue and a hotchpotch of other things make poporul nedreptatit angry: “The J.ew.ess stole the medal from catalina ponor,for floor and beam! The J.e.ws will never be content with what they stole and robbed. resources, gold, money petrol land......you never have enough bastards!!!!... THE PEOPLE ASK FOR JUSTJust that in Romania you may shut up and say nothing (because otherwise you are anti-Semitic, aren’t you) about the robberies and mockery and the Holocaust the J.e.ws subject the people to: destroyed economy, stolen resources, destroyed culture, bankers’ thefts, dropping birth rates.....ruined factories sold to strangers,gold petrol mineral waters to strangers the culture insulted by shitpievici the J.ew,the bankers’ priviledges:mandatory private pension, mandatory private home ensurances, private health ensurance is on being –the biggest leg-pull Romanians have been subjected to...”.

            After the furious and the sports lovers we go back to the Holocaust (Holocaust denial). Olteanu: “I have only one question related to the Holocaust.I don’t deny the facts and historical realities.They took place, are proven.But, pay attention, during World War II NOT ONLY JEWS died, other ethnic groups being too victims of systematic extermination. Among others I mention the Slavs, Gypsies, Muslims, Chinese and others. Why should we always be reminded about the Jews’ Holocaust but the crimes against the others are not talked about. Those mentioned, aren’t they significantly more than the Jews in The Book of the Dead ? For every Jew there are eight Slavs, Gypsies, Muslims, Chinese who died during World War II ?If one denies the Holocaust the Jews cry one is anti-Semitic.I don’t like this!”… herr: “13,266 Jews were killed by the Nazis in the Iaşi pogrom, in June 1941"... we should call the "censors"to count us too...”… Men: ”There is a law..which is enforced in  Romania...and forbids one to deny the Holocaust...Although one is "allowed" to deny jesus...The problem is as follows…One is not "allowed" to deny the international Holocaust...but no one forbids one to deny the local Holocaust...which seems nothing when compared to that in Hungary, Austria, Poland...which was too the Germans’ doing...I am not allowed to deny the Holocaust caused by the Germans..and I couldn’t...because it is obvious...But I also cannot accept to be called by a nobody..."brother " who shares Hitler’s hysterics..worse than the Germans...The Holocaust was the Germans’ design...Are they allowed to be "forgotten"...?If in Romania there were crimes against the Jews…and there were…these were done by the Germans’ "menials"...KKK from USA ..nothing..?”şi Marin: “[...] And this Mr.Zuroff says something about the pogrom organized by the Jews who ruled Romania in the first 15 ani years of communism. How much Romanians (and not only) were finished/killed in camps and prisons just for the fault of not loving the red plague. The pague brought with the help of these internationalist Jews. And today there is such a genocide done againt this nation and this country also by international Jews.” (selective and deflective denial).

            In this context Dorin tries to “clarify” the situation and pisses off some well-educated people who dispose of relevant quotations. Dorin: “Could someone make an analysis of the Holocaust, highlighting the causes that led to the killing of the Jews?” Minkiewic: “I answer with a quotation: "In a nutshell the Jew does not deserve rights anywhere in Europe [...]”.... Teo VII: “Only the Je.ws write here. If one shows how much they steal from others one is anti-Semitic. "We can say loud and clear: that the Jews’ station, [...]”.... Saul Volkovics: "What good has the stubborn and selfish Jewish nation done to the world?Everywhere they only dealt with the traffic of forign labor force,[...].".

And maybe it was time for Mr. Efraim Zuroff (and, of course, the Jews) to be slugged (after such an amount of internet such words start coming to my mind). mix: “since when do Jews get involved in minister appointments in ROMANIA ? is this Israel ?are we interested in minister appointments in other states?”... heinrich: “you hunt your mother,thilfy Jew! we need to destroy all the monuments of the "Holocaust" if we want to have a society with an accurate knowledge of the events. How much more are we going to take of these ratties who pity themselves and jump at any sentence they hear and find offensive?”... Dacul Liber: “You and Efraim Zuroff can su.ck my and all my Romanian’s di’k (ouch!!!)...We won’t kneel because you wish it, parakeets. That’s what you are, some someones who use that fu..ing mouth all the time that one could say you were the one shooting during the Holocaust. Practically he revealed this whole international politics masquerade...If they don’t want to, they don’t have to stick around for long, one or another of them.Now bye-bye!” and CROWE: ”Efraim,stay at home and stop sticking your nose in our life!!!The man expressed an opinion,took it back and done!!!And now you, all the Jews,hurry to make trouble!Well, we won’t listen!You are so out of line demanding to make the rules in the world!I am not anti-Semitic but you have become racists! And you request everybody to obey you.Stay home and BE QUIET!”. And finally Bujie, furious şi incriminatory,about the newspaper he reads: ”Newspaper full of disinformations, ill-intentioned, obeyant to Basescu and that promotes scandal in the hope of some audience. Şova apologized to the Jews, fact that amazed them and they appreciated it positively.What the shityreporter who Farted (play-upon-words, in Romanian similar to the President’s name) the “news” forgot was the fact that his Idol or Mr.Green-Coward-Table, appreciates Antonescu!Ion Antonescu!The one with the pogrom the ally of the Nazi regime.And this with the sole purpose of insulting the king.That’s the way the God Pinochio-Bashescu,insults,lies,threatens...in the hope of still being the big President.”.

The last article (we cannot go on for ever) comes from the same Adevărul, the same day (August 7th 2012),on the same issue:The president of the Jewish comunity: Dan Şova broke the law which forbids Holocaust denial (author Alina Boghiceanu). An opportunity for conclusions (this means anti-Semitism, curses for Erwin Simsensohn, Holocaust denial etc.) Dani : ”The Jews have no rights in this country, just those which they undeservedly granted themselves.So they don’t have the right to mistify our national history. History was made in Romania, crafted with sweat and defended with blood...defended also from the Jews who attacked the Romanian army’s soldiers in Iasi in 1941 while they were carrying out an order.And they, the Jews, should not forget that Romania is not their territory built by illegal  purchases of Palestinian land and Romanians have not come from nowhere to trick the natives the way they do wherever they go. Why are we allowed to defend ourselves from mosquitos but not from Jews when both species do the same thing: suck people’s blood?”. Marin also has reasons to teach Mr. Simsensohn his place: „MR. BOSS SHOULD ALSO TELL US HOW MANY ROMANIANS (AND NOT ONLY) HAVE THE CONRELIGIONAIRS OF DANCE HAVE KILLED IN THE FIRST YEARS OF COMMUNISM.HAVE THEY SUPPORTED THE IMPORT OF THE RED PLAGUE IN THIS COUNTRY?IT CAN ALSO BE TALKED IN THIS MANNER ABOUT THE POGROMS AND THE HOLOCAUST.”

The last opinion belongs to Nuante:Erwin lays down a provocative hypothesis and then waits for the readers’ reactions in order to prove a dormant and undisguised anti-Semitism in Romania in the current government. In the 1970s the Israel had about 2 millioan inhabitants that had come from over 20 countries. About 20% were from Romania. With all due respect, the percent of Jewish survivors from other European countries is infinitely smaller. France had more collaborators than members of the  Resistance, Anne Frank was betrayed by a neighbour”. Well Nuante hit the nail and caught Mr. Simsensohn. And myself who clearly work as an agent of a big Jewish conspiracy.

Romania in 2012? From what we can see? A press that is not disturbed by immoral, illegal and even criminal opinions of their readers, authorities that do not even pretend to be enforcing the law, racism, anti-Semitism, irational denial of the Holocaust, psychological disorder, stupidity, lack of education and common sense... I will also conclude with a quotation: “To your great past, a great future!”.






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