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...although, different.

When I was still in high school - in the mid 1980s, I have to admit - I borrowed (and, I am not proud to write this, recorded on an audio cassette) a CD by a German duo called Zupfgeigenhansel. The title of the album was Jiddische Lieder. I later found out that the duo had specialized in German folk music, and that they did not perform together anymore. I managed to buy two of their CDs (Volkslieder I, Volkslieder II), but all their other albums, including the one with songs in Yiddish, I was unable to find for many, many years. Until today. I found the CD in the shop of the Memorial that we visited together. It is one of the best Yiddish albums that I know, especially if you take into account that it came out long before Yiddish became cool (again), and I am really glad that I found it, here in Berlin. One of the songs, by Hirsch Glik (a beautiful version of whose famous Sog Nit Keymol also appears on the CD) contains one of the most beautiful words in Yiddish that I know: 'oysgesternt' (in Shtil, di nacht is oysgesternt, Quiet, the night is full of stars, a song about Jewish partisans).


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