Blanka Gallo’s daughter Judit Borbas with her two children

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This is my daughter with her children Gabor and Andrea at home. The photo was made in 1976. Andrea was born in 1973 and Gabor a few years later.

My daughter met her husband at high school. And they went out and when they graduated they announced that they would get married but only when both of them had degrees.

And they stuck to it. And then I said to my daughter that it was very painful for us, for your father too (that her husband wasn't Jewish), but we will never make an issue of it. And so it was.

She graduated with a Hungarian-English degree. During (university) she (also) went to the Soviet Union, for good grades she was sent to Lomonosov University. And when she became pregnant with Gabor she also completed a translator-interpreter and travel guide training.

Andrea spent a lot of time with me when she was little. After finishing secondary school, she went to university and graduated from the Department of English and the Department of Hungarian Language and Literature.

Now she is doing her PhD and she is working in the archive of the Literary Museum. She got married this year. She was at my place a lot, at some point she even lived here because her parents moved out to Szentendre, which is 30 km-s from Budapest.

We got on very well. For her Jewishness is not so important, I think, but she is interested in all that I can tell her or show her of my life.

Gabor finished technological university and now he is doing his Phd on economic studies. Both my grandchildren know all Jewish holidays and they are happy to celebrate it with me.

When they were small, I used to lit candle on each Friday and they were happy to be here with me.

On Purim they took the slachmones to my friends. On Pessach Gabor asked the questions and my husband led the Seder. I'm sure they are proud to be Jews.

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