At Home with Anne Frank

Suciu Horatiu
Grade of Class: 

On Tuesday, 19 March 2019, at Liceul Teoretic Iulia Hasdeu Lugoj, took place the activity „At Home with Anne Frank”. The students of the class X D involved in this activity learnt about the rights and the civil liberties and about the consequences of the violation of those rights and civil liberties done by the totalitarian regime.

Beginning with The Anne Frank’s Journal and different images, divided into groups, the students built from paper the house where Anne Frank had been hidden and had been writing her diary. This activity linked with The Journal of Anne Frank helped the students in understanding The Holocaust and the results of losing the rights and the civil liberties. In the end, to be aware of the specific democratic values, the students made a brainstorming starting from the word House. The words which resulted from the exercise were written on the cardboard houses. This activity was coordinated by the teachers Monica Suciu and Horațiu Suciu.

Civil society
Family History
Holocaust commemoration
Student Exhibitions
Colegiul National "IULIA HASDEU" Lugoj

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