Survival in sarajevo:
the photographs by edward serotta
a city under siege
Jewish communities in Sarajevo--and the rest of Yugoslavia, during the 1980s
JDC rescue convoy February 1994
A community goes to work
muslims and Jews
Those who helped
How did people survive while surrounded by snipers and artillery batteries, when water, gas and electricity were cut off and where food deliveries were scarce?
Six buses arrived in Sarajevo on 4 February, 1994. they came to take 294 sarajevans to safety.
A medical team visited more than a dozen souls every day. La benevolencija’s walk-in clinic was open to everyone. Their three pharmacies gave out more than 500,000 prescriptions--free.
Denis is a muslim and volunteered at La benevolencija. Zeyneba hardaGa was the first Muslim to receive a righteous gentile award. This is their story.
Who volunteered at la benevolencija? school teachers, pensioners, school children, businessmen, housewives--and no one cared what religion you were.
Stara Dobra vremene: good old times