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Ricky's notes Monday 14 July, 2014

Sarajevo July 14, 2014



Jens Wagner - German embassy in Sarajevo


personal stories being the best way to teach. especially for history. Centropa uses personal stories to make history come alive. German policy towards BH. Germany wants to support the western balkan countries to join NATO.

Therefore we must cultivate the young generation ie the teachers who affect the young generation.

Personal freindshops - series of youth conferences - youth activists 

latin bridge schools in BH with EU to create partnerships - guest families. hopes that this will help draw young people together.

main beneficaries - indirect - our pupils.


kindertransport - yonathan dror bar-on yonathanbaron@leobaeck.net + check kelli gelharts - pay it forward lesson plans


show three pictures - what do they have in common - they are Jewish


november 1930 - september 1939

10,000 children transports


9/11 - 10/11 kristallnact 


we refugees - pen by Benjamin Zephaniah (BRitish rasafari)


logic model

what is my objective?

lift the activity - tools (centropa films)+ output - the students work /project (class discussions), film, test + outcome : how you change your students thinking (I now have a deepened understanding of imigrants) - harder to measure but most important


Borderless Classroom

Serbia + Florida


wanted to create a project to challenge student stereotypes and expose them to the world.


different curriculum


closed fb groups

society though a digital lens


what did they learn?

cultural difference (race, interests)

students got to know each other

seeing other teens: similarities


make them friends first och get curious about each other


Centropa- the common denominator

see a Centropa film and then ask pupils to answer the same questions


lessons learned

intolerance in other societies

Jewish stories/Holocaust/Centropa


multiethnic and multi religious societies just by exposing student to there - stereotypes witll melt

Boder Jumping Project

Marie Kahle Gesamtschule Bonn

Elementary school ”Malta” srajevo

survivial in Sarajevo 




a main topic: how civil societies are created and destroyed - and how they can be rebuilt and sustained.



goals - to learn history from the students own families perspective - to search for some link between their ancestors and the representative of other cultures and religions - to intergrade information and communication technologies in the process of teaching history


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