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Getting ready for Germany!

Today is July 16th, and I will be in Berlin in one week.  I am looking forward to another fantastic learning experience with the Centropa team!  Last summer  I was hesitant to travel to Germany, and this summer I can not wait.  I am looking forward to getting to know Berlin better, as well as reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.  I am also excited about having been asked to lead the Kindertransport elective.  I know that the 10 days I spend with Centropa in Berlin will be the most intense learning experience I have for myself all year, and for this I can not wait as well.  Thank you in advance to the very hard-working Centropa team!  More to come...


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I am also looking forward to the learning experience, to getting a first taste of Berlin, to meeting so many colleagues and (possible) new friends, as well as to meeting and working with you, Melissa, within the Kindertransport elective. See you and everybody else in less than a week. 

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