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On the occasion, of the Auschwitz concentration camp liberation, I have been including the topic of the Holocaust each January in the curriculum of the subject of History for several years. This year I took advantage of the Centropa film about Dagmar Lieblova "From Bohemia to Belsen…and back again" http://www.centropa.org/node/44639?subtitle_language=.

I prepared the worksheets with questions and tasks (see photo in annex).

The students were answering the questions based on information from the film and the attached family tree.

They were comparing the life of Mrs.Lieblova with the lives of their ancestors living at that time based on interviews with grandparents and family photos - it was the work in the following lesson.

I had the honor to meet with Mrs. Lieblová in frame of the project „Fellow Citizens or Strangers“. Therefore, I could provide the students with further details of her life.

The students have worked very closely, even pointed out a different indication of the death of her parents and sister in the film (1943) and in the family tree (1944!!) as the data is mentioned in other articles and resources about Mrs.Lieblová.

The students were very concerned and attracted by the topic of the holocaust and the film.


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