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Enchusa de espinaka (Spinach pastry)

photo taken by Lisa Brewster, on November 8, 2008, CC licensing

- 2 kg. of spinach
- 4 slices of wet bread
- 3 eggs
- 6-7 tablespoons of sunflower oil
- 100 g. of white cheese
- 150 g. of grated sheep cheese
- 1 pinch of salt

Wash the spinach well, separate the leaves, chop them and leave them to dry. Once they have dried, add 2 eggs, bread, oil, both cheeses and some salt and mix it all up. Put some oil and flour on an oven-tray, then spread the spinach sauce on top. Now add one beaten egg and some more grated sheep cheese. Cook it in the oven.
Before you serve, you can cut the dish into equal sized pieces and put halves of hard boiled eggs on each slice.

Sephardic or Askhenazi: 

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