Ziske Medved

Ziske Medved
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    Russia, pre 1917
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This is a picture of my oldest stepbrother, Ziske Medved. The photo was taken in Gulyai-Pole in 1913, one year before he perished. He gave this photo to my parents. Ziske was born in 1886. He finished elementary school in Novozlatopol and worked as a shop assistant at a haberdashery in Gulyai Pole. For those that lived in Gulyai Pole it seemed a big town in the steppe. My brother married a beautiful girl called Olga, and they had two children: a boy and a girl. In 1914 when World War I began my brother was recruited to the Russian army. Ziske perished at the front. His wife notified us about his death. Olga moved to Rozovka where her parents lived. In 1919 a villager stabbed her son in the back with a fork during a row. He died. His mother was trying to help him, but the boy screamed, 'Mother, leave me alone. You can't help me'. Olga and her daughter moved to America in the early 1920s, and we lost track of her.

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Interviewee: Sima Medved
Ella Orlikova
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Kiev, Ukraine


Ziske Medved
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before WW II
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Retail clerk

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