Yakov Voloshyn

Yakov Voloshyn
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This is me when i was working for the military newspaper Zaschita Rodiny of the 2nd Dalnevostochnaya army under a contract. I sent this photo to my parents. It is signed on the back with the words: 'To my dear parents - Yasha. 5 October 1940, Voroshilov town'. This photo was taken in Voroshilov-Ussuriysk. I was recruited in November 1937. On my last day in the editorial office my colleagues gave me a cigarette case. There was an engraving: 'To the alumnus of the collective of Proletarskaya Pravda newspaper, Yakov Voloshyn recruited to the glorious Red army from the local committee of the editorial office. 30.11.37, Kiev'. I was sent to the Far East, 7,500 kilometers from home. The term of mandatory service was two years. I became a private in a chemical company. It was to perform chemical decontamination of the area in case of chemical offensive. I received my uniform. Since I was good at drawing my military service was not bothersome for me. There were classrooms for political classes in every unit. Our commissar was very happy that I could draw posters and slogans for these classrooms. In 1938 there was an armed conflict with the Japanese in the vicinity of Hasan Lake. I took part in combat actions. Combat actions lasted for eight days, I think. I worked with the newspaper until the end of my service. After I demobilized I decided to stay there longer. My parents wrote to me that life was difficult and in the Far East salaries were higher than in central parts off the USSR. I decided to stay in the editorial office under a contract. Besides Na Zaschitu Rodiny newspaper I worked for two civilian newspapers and sent my parents money to support them.

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Interviewee: Yakov Voloshyn
Ella Levitskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine


Yakov Voloshyn
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Uman, Cherkasy province
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