Yakov Furman with the employees of Lithuanian Ministry of Health

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This is I in the top line in the center with the employees of Lithuanian Ministry of Health. At that time I was in charge of sanitary department. The picture was made in Vilnius in 1950s.

In 1945 I was employed at the sanitation department of the Siauliai ispolkom. I was given a very good apartment and my wife and I moved there. I always had high positions. I started at the sanitation department of the town. There was a lot of work right after war. There was an epidemic of typhus fever, TB, lice and all kinds of infections. Later I was in charge of the sanitation department, chairman of the Red cross, in general I tackled administrative issues. Besides, I worked part time as a dentist. I was a good doctor and had my clientele. We lived comfortably, especially taking into account the fact that mother and sister helped us- they sent money and parcels from France. Last years I had worked as a dentist in a clinic. When I turned 80 I ceremoniously retired. They made a nice good bye party for me.

In 1955 my wife gave birth to her only son, whom she called Richardas. He finished school, entered the university and became a technological engineer. I got along with my son, but he was closer to mom as he identifies himself as a Lithuanian, and of course he is a Lithuanian in his heart and in his mind. Richardas treats Jews very well. We had a good living in soviet times. Wife and I often went to Moscow. At times we took son with us. I kept in touch with my cousin Eduard and uncle Ilia (father's brother). they often came to us from Moscow. We went to Palanga together. Wife and I went to the all-soviet resorts in Crimea and Caucasus. We went to Paris twice, to see my sister and mom. Strange as it may be, I did not have any problem leaving the country. I easily got the permit in ispolkom. Sister Irina married a Jew Klotsman, who worked as an engineer at the plant. He got a good apartment and the family had a good life. They did not have children and she helped the family of her brother Dovid. Irina's husband died. Fortunately, she is still alive and living in Paris.

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Interviewee: Yakov Furmanas
Siauliai, Lithuania


Yakov Furmanas
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Russia pre 1917
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Dentist, sanitary doctor

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