Yakov Driz's family

Yakov Driz's family
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. Me, Yakov Driz, and my son Alexandr, born in 1957, with my wife Tamara Batenko. We married in 1956. My wife Tamara is Ukrainian. She was born in 1934 in Fastov, in the Kiev region. At the time we met, Tamara was a student in the economics department of Kiev University. We met at a party and fell in love. Contrary to my expectations, my parents had nothing against my marrying a Ukrainian girl. They must have changed their attitude to mixed marriages, regardless of their religiosity. They liked Tamara very much. My mother always called Tamara her ?little daughter.? Tamara got a job at the Institute of Public Economy after she graduated from the University. Later, she got a job at the Academy of Sciences. But unfortunately she was very sickly and had to retire because of ill health. In the fall of 2002 we shall celebrate the 46th anniversary of our wedding. On 20 July 1957 our son Alexandr was born. He was educated at the Kiev Communications College. He is a colonel now and works at the army headquarters. He is Chief Editor of Military TV Broadcasting. His wife Tatiana, a Ukrainian, is a housewife. We have two granddaughters: Katyusha, born in 1984, and baby Mashenka, born in 2002. Katia is finishing school and is going to continue her studies. My son's family live separately from us, but every single day they call us or drop by for a chat.

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Interviewee: Yakov Driz
Ella Levitskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine


Yakov Driz
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Tomashpol, Vinnitsa region
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Chief power engineering specialist

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Tamara Driz
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Fastov, Kiev region
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Survivors of the Shoah visual history foundation
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