A wedding photograph of Szulim Rozenberg’s grandson Silvan

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This is the wedding picture of my grandson Silvan, the son of my eldest son Samuel. Standing, from left: Eliza, my granddaughter, Samuel, Patrizia, Silvan and Elian, Samuel’s wife.

Our son, Samuel, was born on 24 November 1948.

At home we used to speak Yiddish, and only later we started to speak in French a little, because the children didn't like it. My son spoke Yiddish like me. When he took the phone, they would say to him: 'Szulem?' He said: 'Ich bin nicht Szulem, ich bin Shmil [Yid.: I'm not Szulem, I'm Shmil].' He went to a Jewish school, where he learned to read and recite Hebrew very nicely. Only later he stopped being interested in those kinds of things, because his wife is French. His wife is called Elian and he has 2 children: Silvan, who is 31, and Eliza, she is 26.

My son did his school-leaving examinations, then he did a fee-paying IT school. In 1968 he got his diploma and got a job straight away. And he worked in one firm 32 years. Now he's going on a pension from that company. His wife is an official at the university.

My daughters have a bond with their Jewishness, well, my son does too. We celebrated all of the Jewish holidays here, and my son's wife always came. 30 people would sit at a table like this. Especially on Passover. One time the mayor of a large Israeli city was here, and our friend from Los Angeles brought them here for lunch. That was at Yom Kippur. We sat here from about 1.30 till about 4.30. 4.30, my son came in from school. So the mayor of that Israeli city says to him: 'Go wash your hands and come and eat.' But he says: 'I'm not eating today, I'm fasting.' It was a lovely house.

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Interviewee: Szulim Rozenberg
Paris, France


Samuel Rozenberg
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Information technologist

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