The wedding photo of Blanka Gallo’s sister Gitta Leimseder

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This is the wedding photo of my sister Gitta Leimseder.

The wedding was in our house in Nyiregyhaza and the photo was made there, sometime in the 1930s.

Gitta was the eldest (child) She was born around 1910-11 in Nyiregyhaza. Both Gitta and Margit, my other sister, were often in dad's office, doing bookkeeping - my father was a tropical fruit dealer.

Gitta got married and lived in Derecske, then in Hajduszoboszlo and finally in Papa. (Her home) was completely kosher. She even wore a wig. She had three children.

Her husband was a leather merchant and did business in Debrecen. (His name) was Jeno Basch. (During the war) he paid to be in the mental ward of St John's hospital in order to avoid forced labor.

He played the lunatic but ate kosher, they got his food from some kosher restaurant. But during the last Purim he got his papers (to go).

My father knew enough about what went on that he told him not to think about playing mentally ill out there.

And it is typical of the family's closeness that in the final year (in 1944) Gitta, like Margit, came back with her children so that they could be with the parents. And they were all deported together - and Margit and her little daughter did not return, Gitta survived and died in Budapest in 1970.

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Interviewee: Blanka Gallo
Dora Sardi and Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Gitta Basch
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