The wedding of Mairy Angel's brother Alberto Karasso

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This is my brother's Alberto Smoel Karasso marriage with Korin Benveniste from Thessalonica.

My brother Abraham - Alberto Karasso was born on 1922 in Thessalonica.

He lives in Israel. After the war he was working here and there. He was very capable and hardworking. But after a while he was called to the army.

He would be send to Athens were there was still the Kinima. Two of his friends had already died. He had survived from the Germans and did not want to die because of the rebellion.

So he left and went to Israel. Things were very hard for him there.

On the back it is written Tel Aviv, 13/03/55. I suppose this is the date and the place of their marriage. I did not attend my brothers wedding because my daughter was ill.

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Interviewee: Mirou-Mairy Angel
Nina Hatzi
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Athens, Greece


Alberto Karasso
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Korin Karasso

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