The wedding of Avram and Hermina Rotaru

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    Romania (1945-1989)
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In this photograph, from right to left: me, Saul Rotariu, my father, Mochiu Rotaru, my mother, Leia Rotaru; sitting: the groom is my brother, Avram Rotaru, my brother's wife, Hermina; behind her, aunts and an uncle of my father's wife, for she had no parents - she lived with this uncle, who was married to one of her mother's sisters.

My brother's name was Avram Rotaru. He is no longer alive. He died in 1985 and is buried here in Botosani in the Jewish cemetery. His wife's name is Hermina, I forget her maiden name. She is Jewish. They got married in 1970 or around that time, seeing that their oldest daughter is 35 and she came into the world one or two years after they got married. They had three daughters: Rica - the eldest -, Monica - the second born - and Bianca - the youngest.

Rica is still in Romania, she lives in Bucharest, is married and teaches computer science at the Lauder High School. The Lauder School was founded - as far as I know - by the Embassy of Israel and with the support of the Jewish community. It is a school for children entering 1st grade and up to higher grades, high school included. It is a private school, attended in general by the children of accredited staff in Romania - ambassadors, embassy personnel - and other children of various nationalities. Classes are taught in Romanian, but there are also foreign languages classes such as English, French, what do I know… This school is attended both by Jews and Christians - and other nationalities.

My brother's other two daughters live in Israel, work in the field of computer science, are married and they both have a child. My brother's wife lives in Israel, too, she remarried a Christian, her name is Hermina Hariga now.

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Interviewee: Saul Rotariu
Emoke Major
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Botosani, Romania


Avram Rotaru
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Romania (1920-1945)
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Romania (1945-1989)
after WW II
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Saul Rotariu
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Romania (1920-1945)
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