The wedding of Albert Navaro and Dezi

The wedding of Albert Navaro and Dezi
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    Vaios Menasse
This is my mother's uncle, Albert Navaro and his wife Dezi, just after their marriage. They got married in Thessaloniki before the war, in the 1930s, and had two children. His wife survived the war together with her brothers and her children. After the war she moved to Israel and then to Milano, Italy. Unfortunately my uncle was killed in the Holocaust. Navaro was a very rich family in Thessaloniki at the end of the 19th, beginning of the twentieth century. This family owned all the area of Caravan Serai and Navaro himself was a coppersmith. At that time everything was made of copper so he became very rich with this work. My grandfather married Navaro's eldest daughter Doudou and they had two children: my mother Loucie and her brother, Albertos. Before the war people also used to get married at home, not necessarily at the synagogue. And of course no one had his own camera but a specialist, a photographer, was paid to take pictures of the couple. The studio of Vaios Menasse, the photographer of this wedding, was on Spandoni 6 Street.

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Interviewee: Deniz Nahmias
Thessaloniki, Greece


Albert Navaro
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Businessman, Retail merchant

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Dezi Navaro

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