The war invalid identity card of Miklos Braun's father, Zsigmond Braun

The war invalid identity card of Miklos Braun's father, Zsigmond Braun
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My father´s war invalid identity card. My father was called up for the army in Transylvania in 1914. He was there for 53 months. He was a captain, the commander of the railway in Transylvania. So the whole family went together to Brasso, because at that time, officers were allowed to take their families with them. (Brasso is now Brasov, Romania.) My mother managed to look after the three children practically alone throughout World War One. We went to Gyimesbukk afterwards ? which was the former Romanian border ? and from there, we escaped when the invasion came. It was a mess there, explosions and other things. I can remember only the trenches because I was quite young at the time. We came back to Budapest in 1917. My father had six war medals, and had been wounded twice. That is why he received thirty forints disability pension for a while, plus one forint as child support. That was my monthly pocket money.

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Interviewee: Miklos Braun
Budapest, Hungary


Zsigmond Braun
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