Wacek Kornblum as a young boy

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This is me, Izio Kornblum in 1932. I suppose that this photo was taken somewhere in Saski Garden in Warsaw. It looks like it, because I have there similar photos from Saski Garden. It was taken on the street, the photographers used to have a kind of box with legs. On a kind of stand. While they took the photographs, they used to cover themselves under a black cloth, to see. And they photographed on a film made out of glass and after that they used to took out this film and put it somewhere else. And there in front of the lense there was some kind of a wooden hand. 

I remember the Saski Garden, near the Unknown Soldier's grave, there were eleven arches, it was called 'eleven gates', and it took the entire stretch between the Saski Palace, which isn't there any more, and the buildings of the general headquarters. There are only three arches left out of that (I think). It was a well known architectural accent and we used to go there to [watch] changing of the guard. We used to go to the Saski garden often. It was nice in there, there was a Japanese house, which doesn't exist today, there was a garden, a railing around. And whenever we went to the Saski Garden, we had to jump on the wall where the railing was, hold Mom or Dad with one hand in order not to fall down, and walk like that the entire way. At the entrance, at the Pilsudski Square, right to the left, there was a huge café Sigalina where we used to go for kefir, and at the entrance they used to sell ice-cream Eskimos, on a stick. And there was a sundial, which is still there today, a temple of love, and a famous fountain, a pond that turned into a skating rink in the wintertime and we used to go there to skate. I wasn't good at skating.

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Interviewee: Wacek Kornblum
Anna Szyba
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Warsaw, Poland


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