Vladimir Tarskiy and Nikolay Narovlianskiy

Vladimir Tarskiy and Nikolay Narovlianskiy
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    near Pustoska
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This photo was taken near Pustoska in 1998. This is me and the son of my friend Semyon Narovlianskiy who perished at the front on 31 January 1944. From left to right: I Nikolay Narovlianskiy, a professional officer of the Soviet army, and a local resident showing us the scene of the battle. The driver of the car we hired took this photo. In 1956 my wound on the hip opened and I was taking medical treatment in Moscow, when the director of NIILITMASH, who had known me since I was a student, offered me a job. I worked there from 1957 to 1996. There were many Jewish employees working in this institute. During the period of the suppression of Jews the NIILITMASH was allowed to employ Jews. This institute gathered such a brilliant team of designers that this industry, which was underdeveloped before, reached an internationally recognized level in the Soviet Union. I quit my job at the institute in 1996 and retired. I have agreements that I execute through the association of foundry experts, and I get paid for this work. These are research works on sales markets in Russia or in the world for the products of the foundry industry and the cost of foundry products. Besides, I write manuals for foundry students. My wife and I liked traveling across the country. We took many tours. Now, as an invalid of the war, I receive tickets to stay in health centers. Last summer I flew to Vladivistok, to the division in which I served during the war. This year I want to go to Kamchatka to look at geysers. I had friends who worked for foreign companies that I worked with. They invited me to visit them. I traveled to Norway and Germany. I made a tour to Italy and traveled all over the country. We had many friends at work. We often got together and visited each other.

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Interviewee: Vladimir Tarskiy
Svetlana Bogdanova
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Moscow, Russia


Vladimir Tarskiy
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Working in natural and technical sciences

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Nikolay Narovlianskiy

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