Tibor Pasternak

Tibor Pasternak
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    Independent State of Slovakia 1938-45
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This is a picture from the wedding of my parents? friends, Edita Fraenklova and Pali Fraenkl. They got married in Presov on 26th January 1941. These are two children participating; the boy is Tibor Pasternak. The Fraenkl family survived the Holocaust by escaping to Hungary. Once they were hiding in Gzongzos, when Horthy groups were doing a roundup searching for Jews. The Fraenkls were hiding in the loft and when the soldiers came to the fifth floor the whistles ordered the soldiers to leave. More than 50 Jews were arrested and deported from that house only. The Fraenkls had two children: Jancsi, who was born in December 1945 and Elzi, who followed five years later. Their son Jancsi is still a member of the Presov Jewish community.

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Interviewee: Ivan Pasternak
Bratislava, Slovakia


Tibor Pasternak
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