Thomas Molnar's 7th grade report card

Thomas Molnar's 7th grade report card
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This is my report card from the 7th grade of high school. I was quite a diligent pupil in elementary school, with all excellent grades, but I didn't really like school. In high school I only had bad grades because I didn't study. I might be partial, but there weren't teachers like there anywhere else. I didn't like mathematics, though my teacher was very good, I still didn't like it. I was better at the humanities. I hated mathematics and physics. I always just somehow passed these two; regardless of this I liked the teacher because he was sensational. He didn't like me, but he didn't make me feel it, he was a really good teacher. He tried to make physics and mathematics interesting. I liked English, history and Hungarian. I only learned foreign languages - English and Latin - at school I didn't need any private lessons. There were three English classes a week and I didn't only do the homework, but I also read in English. I read Shakespeare in English when I was 12-13 years old. I had a very good dictionary; everything I needed was in there. In high school there was a literary and debating society, but I wasn't a member of that. I rather went in for sports. I went in for very many sports. I played soccer, ice hockey, handball and basketball. These especially at school, at the Jewish high school. I don't remember how I started ice hockey. And the equipment for that wasn't cheap either, but for these kinds of things there was always money. If the school team needed a ball for example, my father bought it and took it in. But I mainly played soccer. I played soccer day and night. I was the goalkeeper of the school team. When I was a 6th grader I was already a goalkeeper in the school team, which was mainly composed of 8th graders. Then in 1946 I had poliomyelitis, my arm became paralyzed, and from then on I was a left back. By the time this school year ended I was already in Vienna. My father arranged so that they would issue my 7th grade report card. He thought that I might need it, that it would be good for something. But it wasn?t good for anything, it wasn?t worth anything.

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Interviewee: Thomas Molnar
Andor Mihály
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Budapest, Hungary


Thomas Molnar
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Kereskedő, jogász
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    Molnár Tamás
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