Tamas Feheri

Tamas Feheri
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This is a picture of my husband, Tamas Weisz, as a little boy. He magyarized his name to Feheri in 1948. The photo was taken in Budapest in 1931. After the war Tamas graduated from the College of Theatre and Film Arts. His father, Lajos Weisz, was a dry goods agent, but he died of a disease in 1943. His mother was a dressmaker and she supported Tamas as long as he needed. After college, Tomi found a position at the Hungarian Film Newsreel Co. Around 1943, I frequently went out to Marguerite Island with girlfriends, and boys always went there with us. He was one of them. And then he disappeared in the war. He was hiding with his mum in parks, everywhere. He was taken to a brickyard, and he escaped. And then he and his mum somehow always came and went to and from parks. They went home at night, then into a yellow-star house in Ujlipotvaros [a bourgeois part of Budapest, where a lot of middle-class Jewish families used to live]. After my graduation in 1949, we got married right away. At the banquet I was already married because Tamas was to be sent to the Soviet Union to study right away. I said that we should get married because I had been dating him for years.

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Dora Sardi
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Budapest, Hungary


Tamas Feheri
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