Szulim Rozenberg with his niece Nechuma, Rajzla’s daughter

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This is me with my niece Nechuma. Nechuma was born in 1932.

The eldest granddaughter, Nechuma, was Rajzla's; Rajzla married a mechanic, Icchak Fruchtman, and he worked in a button factory, which was in the precinct on Nalewki at no. 2 - there was this precinct, Simons, there [Simons' precinct opened at the beginning of the 20th century on the corner of Dluga and Nalewki as a commercial building]. There was a factory there, a big unit, and in another unit the same was the union of tailors, and in the other unit was Jutrznia, Morgenstern. And he earned quite a good wage, but he was unemployed for a very long time, and only when he found a job there was great delight at such good fortune. They lived opposite me. I lived on Kupiecka, the second house, and here [adjacent] was Zamenhofa Street, at no. 21, and they had a balcony that gave onto the street, and when Nechuma went out onto the balcony she would shout 'Grandma, Grandma!' So we could see each other. But Mother didn't go to Rajzla's very often because her husband, when he came back from work, he would lie down on the couch, he was tired and didn't like having visitors.

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Interviewee: Szulim Rozenberg
Paris, France


Szulim Rozenberg
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Tailor, librarian

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Nechuma Fruchtman
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