The synagogue in Targu Mures after WWII

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    Targu Mures
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This picture was taken inside the synagogue in Marosvasarhely in the 1950s. It must have been a holiday, but I don't remember which one. I got this picture from my second husband, Aladar Scheiner. Sitting in the middle in the first row is Aladar's second wife, Magda Scheiner, nee Roth.

I had known my second husband, Aladar Scheiner, for ages. I was Aladar's third wife. Magda Roth, Magdus, a distinguished, delicate and very sweet lady was his second wife. She was originally from Temesvar; her father worked as a railway engineer. She too was married three times. Aladar married her after the deportations, and they lived together for 30 years. She was previously married to my cousin, Sandor Mestitz. I think she divorced her first husband for Sandor, whom she met in Temesvar. They came home to Marosvasarhely from Temesvar, so they could live as Hungarians, but then they deported all of us. Magdus returned, Sandor did not. Magdus too 'began her career' in Auschwitz, though I don't know where they took her after that. Then she married Aladar. Magdus also died in 1977.

Six weeks after my first husband, Jeno Schonbrunn's death, when I was going to have lunch, I met Aladar on the way. 'Where are you going?' I said, 'To have lunch.' Then he asked, 'Can I come with you?' I'll never forget that after lunch he said to me he knew very well, it wasn't the right time, nor very nice of him to say it, but he felt he had to tell me that if I ever thought of remarrying, to take him into consideration. I was shocked that he could come up with something like that only six weeks after my husband died and seven weeks after his wife passed away.

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Interviewee: Julia Scheiner
Ildiko Molnar
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Targu Mures, Romania


Magda Scheiner
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Targu Mures
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after WW II
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