Suzana ?

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    Romania (1920-1945)
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This is the famous beauty of the family, Suzana Solomon, who is living in Nazareth at present and calls me on the phone from time to time. She is the daughter of my mother's sister.

My mother's sister's name was Ana, and her husband's name was Leon Solomon. I was 8-9 when they married. They lived in Herta initially [nowadays Gertsa, Ukraine], near Cernauti, my uncle owned land, forests over there. They had an only child, Suzana, who is 10 years younger than me. When World War II broke out and people fled Herta, they fled as well. He was doing forced labor, and she and their daughter fled on the last train and went to Bucharest where she had a brother, Nathan. After the war, her husband returned as well, they lived together in Bucharest. He had a job as well, he worked in a factory, while she worked for private individuals: she knitted women's underwear - it was fashionable in those days -, she earned some extra money. She had a sewing machine, and she was good at it. Her husband died in Bucharest, he is buried there. After her husband died, my aunt - she was ill by then - left to Israel with her daughter. Their daughter, Suzana, got married when she was very young, while she was still here in Romania. She was very beautiful, [people said she was] the most beautiful in the family. My aunt died in Israel, some 10 years ago, I believe. My cousin is still alive, she is living in Nazareth, and she calls me on the phone from time to time to lift my spirits. She is an engineer, as a matter of fact. She lives alone with her husband, they didn't have any children.

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Interviewee: Sura Milstein
Emoke Major
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Botosani, Romania


Suzana ?
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Romania (1920-1945)
after WW II
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